Dredging Rubber hose

PERFECT RUBBER INDUSTRIES Dredging Hose are purpose built to the special requirements of our clients. We are in the position to build hose size ranging from 100mm ID to 600mm ID. Our designers will select the most appropriate materials from a wide range of products available to us to meet service requirements and the demands requested by our clients i.e. in regard to wear resistance,pressure ratings, tensile strength,bending capabilities and other parameters. In general the P.R.I. Rubber Dredging Hoses consist out of an inner lining which can be adjusted to meet the specific reqirments of the transported medium. Wear indicator layers can also be implemented in the lining of the hoses which transport abrasive medium. A proven textile reinforcement of high tensile strength controls the pressure

resistance of the hose as well as its tensile strength. Whereas the outer cover is built up utilising a rubber compound formulated to be highly resistant against weathering, UV light and ozone attack. On special request the outer cover can be built utilising oil resistant materials. Hose end fittings are available in a wide range of designs specifically produced to match the selected hose service requirements.


“P.R.I” Brand Rubber Flexible Iron Ore Slurry Hose is an exceptionally abrasion resistant slurry hose. Built with best quality rubber it is recognized for its dependable performance and long wear life."P.R.I" Brand Rubber Flexible Iron Ore Slurry Hose combines outstanding abrasion resistance of a Uniform wear tube with lightweight reusable aluminium flanged couplings. This unique Combination allows fast and easy on-site assembly minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Hose Body is corrugated and has wire to provide superior sealing and gripping qualities with the coupHngs.
  • The inner wear tube is dimensionally stable, eliminating thin spots and premature failures.
  • Safety factors 3.2 times the working pressure. Simple installation, no special tools needed.
  • Flexible design absorbs vibration and aids in bend transitions.

  • Sizes from:  2(id) to 24(id).
    Standard Maximum Working Pressure :  10 kg/cmZg.
    Maximum Vacuum :  90%
    Vacuum from Size :  2(id) to 10(id) 50%
    Vacuum from Size :  12(id) to 20?(id)


    The Spilt Flange Coupling is designed for use with Iron Ore Slurry Hoses and Bends. The couplings does not come in contact with the material flowing through the hose, and is thus not exposed to wear. It is manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy. The coupling does not have to fit any specific pattern on the hose cover. It is simply rotated around the hose until it is aligned with the connecting flange. There is no need to rotate the hose itself. The Coupling is designed for fast, simple fitting. Neither special tools or skilled personnel are needed. Each coupling is delivered with bolts for the side flanges, square headed to prevent them from turning. No other bolts are provided.